Who knew there were seven episodes of The Twilight Zone with relevance to issues associated with today’s COVID-19 pandemic. On March 13, 2020 we entered our Twilight Zone.

In our Twilight Zone we:

  • Sleep in every day, not just Saturday and Sunday
  • Wear blue Princess Elsa gloves when we go places, like grocery shopping
  • Color-coordinate our mask of the day with our outfit of the day
  • Carry Lysol wipes with us wherever we go
  • Accept without question school is closed because of ‘spring break’, resulting in eating breakfast and/or lunch with mom almost every day
  • Learned the difference between hand sanitizer and hand lotion – they both smell good – but while lotion is readily available, Purell and GermX are not
  • Choose where to ‘drive through’ to pick up lunch or dinner
  • Mark off days on the calendar to know if it’s Tuesday or Saturday
  • Pay attention when Momma says ‘Don’t touch anything’

What does your Twilight Zone look like? What color are your princess gloves?

Jacqueline Gorton is an advocate with Disability Rights Arkansas. Email her at jgorton@disabilityrightsAR.org.