DRA Legislative Policy Priorities – 93rd General Assembly

Advance legislation allowing for supported decision making as an alternative to

Eliminate fees and fines for juveniles going through the juvenile justice system.

Photo of the marble steps leading to the room in the Arkansas State Capitol where the Senate convenes.

Increase penalties for crimes committed with the intent to harm someone based on race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, homelessness, disability, ethnicity, color, ancestry, service in the United States Armed Forces, or sex.

Expand the voting rights of people with disabilities by eliminating the guardianship

Improve licensing standards within psychiatric residential treatment facilities (PRTFs).

Eliminate the excessive and harmful use of restraint and seclusion in educational settings.

Expand health care coverage for individuals with traumatic brain injuries beyond the age of 21.

Ensuring accountability of the PASSE system to consumers by enhancing evaluation procedures.

Ensure all Arkansans have access to housing by permanently funding the Housing Trust Fund.

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COVID Procedures for Public Access in the 93rd General Assembly

The Arkansas State Capitol is the People’s House. Public input is essential to ensuring that YOUR voice is heard at the Capitol.

The Arkansas House of Representatives, the Arkansas Senate, and the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office have issued the following procedures for public access to committee meetings and other convenings during the current legislative session.

View the guidelines here.

At this time, virtual testimony in committee meetings is not allowed. Expect more on this issue as DRA works to ensure that people with disabilities have every opportunity to weigh in on the decisions that directly affect the disability community.

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