PAIMI – Protection & Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness

The PAIMI Program was established in 1986 to protect and advocate for the rights of people with mental illness and investigate reports of abuse and neglect in facilities that care for or treat individuals with mental illness. The Act, which can be found at was subsequently expanded to give P&As the authority to investigate possible abuse or neglect occurring in the community, including in facilities such as schools, that provide services to people with mental illness.

 DRA assists most PAIMI-eligible individuals through providing information, education, or referral to appropriate resources. Individual advocacy is available as needed, in accordance with the annual priorities and objectives and with an emphasis on freedom from harm, appropriate and humane treatment, and the freedom to make choices about treatment.  Legal representation can be provided to clients whose litigation may benefit large numbers of individuals with disabilities.
  • Click here for SAMHSA information about the program.
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PAIMI Advisory Council
In accordance with federal law, the PAIMI Advisory Council advises DRA on priorities and issues important to people receiving mental health services in Arkansas, and educates the public regarding DRA’s purpose, priorities, and activities.  The current members of the PAIMI Advisory Council and their meeting dates are available here.