Priority Issues

At the beginning of each fiscal year, the DRA Board of Directors adopts priorities based on feedback from individuals with disabilities, family members, advocates, and professionals. The priorities adopted by the Board determine the activities for the fiscal year.

Our current priorities include:

Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation

Individuals with disabilities will be safe from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Access to services through Medicaid/PASSE

Individuals eligible for Medicaid or assigned to a PASSE will have access to services and understand their rights.

Outreach and Education

DRA will do outreach and education to inform individuals about their rights, what resources may be available in the community, and how DRA can help.

Education and Employment

Individuals with disabilities will have access to education and employment opportunities in an integrated setting.

Voting Rights/Access

Individuals with disabilities will be able to participate in the voting process.

Youth in Institutional Care Settings

Institutionalized youth will be free from abuse and neglect and will receive appropriate mental health and educational services.


Individuals with disabilities will receive supports to become effective self-advocates.

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    Disability Rights Arkansas (DRA) is the independent, private, nonprofit organization designated by the Governor of Arkansas to implement the federally funded and authorized Protection and Advocacy systems throughout the state. DRA services include information and referral, short-term assistance, technical assistance, legal representation, systemic advocacy, monitoring, and training. DRA services are provided free-of-charge. DRA is independent from state and local government.

    Through the leadership of its Governing Board and Advisory Councils, DRA staff provides services to children and adults with disabilities throughout Arkansas. We strive to serve our clients’ expressed wishes.