Our Services


DRA advocates and attorneys advise individuals with disabilities about their rights and advocate for their civil and legal rights in the state of Arkansas. DRA has broad access authority to monitor institutions and advocate for the rights of people with disabilities living within them.


DRA is Arkansas’s protection and advocacy organization. We help people with disabilities. Sometimes our clients need legal advice or representation. Sometimes they need information, or referral to another agency for services. We provide information about voting rights, self-advocacy, and laws and policies that affect the lives of people with disabilities. We can intervene in cases of abuse or neglect. We monitor facilities to ensure that they are accessible, and providing appropriate services.

We partner with people with disabilities to create an inclusive Arkansas. We want our state to be one in which the rights of all people are respected. All people have the right to be equal members of their communities, and to live with self-determination. Our services help provide the information and supports to help make that happen.

Direct Services

Information and Referral

Our advocates listen to your issue and provide brief assistance, advice, and information.

Advocacy and Litigation

Certain issues become agency cases and are handled by an advocate or attorney.

Investigation and Monitoring

DRA investigates institutional abuse and neglect cases and monitors facilities.

Statewide Advocacy

Public Policy

DRA monitors legislation and regulations that affect disability rights.

Media Advocacy

DRA advocates for disability rights through television, print, broadcast, and social media.

Training and Outreach

DRA participates in statewide training and outreach events.

Specialized Programs


DRA provides advocacy and training to protect voting rights.

Representative Payee

DRA investigates individuals and agencies that manage SSA beneficiary funds.

Client Assistance Program (CAP)

DRA helps individuals get the support they need from Rehabilitation Act programs.

Additional Resources

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