PAVA – Protection and Advocacy for Voting Access

The Help America Vote Act, which was signed into law on October 29, 2002, will overhaul federal elections in the United States through a new set of minimum voting standards that each state and U. S. territory must follow. The Act also authorizes the Secretary of Health and Human Services to provide funds to the P&A’s to ensure full participation in the electoral process for individuals with disabilities, including registering to vote, casting votes and accessing polling sites. For information on voter registration, voting machines and accessible polling sites, contact the Arkansas Secretary of State Election Division.
The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) contains several provisions that will enable state and local units of government responsible for elections, as well as individuals associated with the election process, to establish, expand and improve access to, and participation in, the electoral process by individuals with the full range of disabilities.
Funding for HAVA-related activities is provided through the Administration on Community Living . For more information about HAVA, go to:  http://www.acl.gov/Programs/AIDD/Programs/HelpAmericaVoteAct/index.aspx.