Community Integration and Access

Individuals with disabilities will be integrated into the community and have access to programs and services in the community.

Objective 1:       Improve access to community-based services and settings for individuals with disabilities who are institutionalized or at risk of institutionalization.

Objective 2:       Ensure individuals who are being discharged or transferred from institutional settings have access to adequate supports and services in the community.

Objective 3:       Reduce architectural barriers that prevent individuals with disabilities from accessing public and private locations.

Objective 4:       Reduce barriers that deny program access to individuals with disabilities.

Objective 5:       Ensure that individuals with disabilities are able to exercise the right to vote.

Objective 6:       Improve community understanding and awareness of the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for community integration and access, and increase the ability of individuals with disabilities and others to advocate for changes needed to ensure community integration and access.

Objective 7:       Monitor current and proposed legislation, regulations, rules, and policies to address the systemic causes that inhibit community integration and access rights of individuals with disabilities.