Education and Post-Secondary Education

 Priority 4:  Education

To make sure that youth with disabilities are not excluded from public educational settings and are able to attend school with needed supports and services.

Students with disabilities who are being suspended, expelled, arrested at school, referred to law enforcement or the courts, or placed on home-bound placement by schools will receive a free appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment.

Students with disabilities will be provided with health plans and nursing services necessary to ensure their ability to attend school.

Students with disabilities will not be prematurely exited from school or denied equal access to a diploma in violation of federal and state laws.


Priority 5: Post-Secondary Education Opportunities

To make sure that people with disabilities have access to inclusive post-secondary education opportunities.

Individuals with disabilities will have equal opportunity to attend non-segregated post-secondary school settings.

Individuals with disabilities will have reasonable accommodations in post-secondary school settings.

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