What We Do

DRA is Arkansas’s protection and advocacy organization. We help people with disabilities. Sometimes our clients need legal advice or representation. Sometimes they need information, or referral to another agency for services. We provide information about voting rights, self-advocacy, and laws and policies that affect the lives of people with disabilities. We can intervene in cases of abuse or neglect. We monitor facilities to ensure that they are accessible, and providing appropriate services.

We partner with people with disabilities to create an inclusive Arkansas. We want our state to be one in which the rights of all people are respected. All people have the right to be equal members of their communities, and to live with self-determination. Our services help provide the information and supports to help make that happen.

Services We Offer


  • Legal representation
  • Direct advocacy
  • Monitoring facilities 
  • Civil rights education and outreach
  • Voting rights education and advocacy
ADVANCING Equity and Inclusion
  • Person-centered services 
  • Educating people with disabilities and the community
  • Educating self-advocates and providing resources/support
  • Public policy advocacy
  • Training and technical assistance
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Submitting public comment
  • Holding policymakers, agencies, and organizations accountable to people with disabilities