Disability Rights Arkansas (DRA) is actively concerned with resolution of complaints and grievances arising from services provided by our agency. If you have a grievance with the services received from our agency, you have the right to resolve your complaint through the following steps. If you are not now and have not been in the past, a client of Disability Rights Arkansas, and you wish to address issues concerning how the agency is/is not in compliance with the authorizing federal statutes and their requirements for the setting of annual priorities, you may start with Step Three.

Step One: You have the right to informally resolve your complaint with the staff member involved by requesting a time to discuss your grievance.

Step Two: If you are unable or do not wish to resolve your complaint with the staff member involved, you may make an informal complaint in writing or by telephone to the staff member’s supervisor by requesting a time to discuss your grievance.

Step Three: If resolution has not taken place, you may make a written complaint with the Executive Director. Within ten (10) working days of receiving your complaint, the Executive Director will investigate your complaint and respond to you in writing.

Step Four: If you are unhappy with the response from the Executive Director, you may appeal your grievance to the Board of Directors of Disability Rights Arkansas. The Board of Directors will review your complaint, the responses by the employees of Disability Rights Arkansas, and other pertinent information and respond to you in writing within 30 days of receiving your appeal.