Self-advocates from across the country have been protesting and calling for comedian Gary Owens to stop mocking people with intellectual and developmental disabilities on his Showtime comedy special.  Towards the middle of his routine, Mr. Owens begins mocking his cousin, who has an intellectual/developmental disability.  This link will take you to that part of the routine:

Julie Petty, a DRA Board Member, has been working with other self-advocates in organizing a letter-writing campaign calling on Mr. Owens to stop mocking individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Yesterday, Julie and her son, Warren, posted a YouTube video in response to Mr. Owen.  The video is posted on our agency Facebook and Twitter pages, and can also be viewed here:

You can help address this affront to people with disabilities by sharing this video, and joining the movement to condemn this behavior and let Mr. Owens and Showtime know that mocking people with intellectual and developmental disabilities is wrong and is not funny.  If you are tweeting about this, please use the hashtag #WeAreNotAPunchline.