POLICY NUMBER:     11-29 

Approval Date:      7/27/2011  

Amended Date:  4/26/2014


The Disability Rights Arkansas’ Board of Directors (“Board”) welcomes public comment at its board meetings and is committed to providing meaningful opportunities for members of the public to participate.


Disability Rights Arkansas offers a public input period each year (usually in the early summer) for comments and suggestions related to the current goals and priorities of the organization.  Input is gathered through mailings, email, personal contact, community meetings, electronic surveys and through our website at:  https://www.disabilityrightsar.org.php72-4.lan3-1.websitetestlink.com.

The Board encourages members of the public to offer comments and express opinions to the Board as related to the operation of the Disability Rights Arkansas.  Members of the public are welcome to request time on the agenda of any regular meeting of the Board through the process outlined below.


To be placed on the agenda of the next available regular meeting of the board, a request must be submitted in writing at least two (2) business days prior to the scheduled meeting date of the Board.  The request should include the requestor’s name and a short description of the subject they wish to comment on, along with any materials they want to have distributed to board members.  The request should be sent to:

Disability Rights Arkansas
Attention:  Executive Director
400 West Capitol Avenue, Suite 1200
Little Rock AR  72201

or ysterling@www.disabilityrightsar.org.php72-4.lan3-1.websitetestlink.com

Confirmation will be sent to the requesting party upon approval by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.

Members of the public placed on the agenda will be announced to the board at the appropriate time. The individual will be granted up to three (3) minutes to make his or her presentation.  Total time dedicated to public comment by all requestors at any given board meeting shall not exceed 30 minutes.