October 10, 2016.  Sounds far away, doesn’t it?  We’ve just celebrated Memorial Day; the neighborhood pools have recently opened, schools have let out and kids are enjoying their first days of summer break.  Yes, October seems like the distant future; yet, we all know how time can fly.  Things get away from us; especially tasks that don’t seem to warrant immediate attention.  Like registering to vote.

But we have a presidential election this year.  November 8, 2016 is the big day, the opportunity to cast your vote in the presidential race.  To vote, you have to be registered by October 10, 2016.  If you are not yet registered, don’t let this date escape you.  Better yet, register this week.  Today.

Need a voter registration application?  Click here:  http://www.sos.arkansas.gov/elections/Documents/Voter%20Reg%20App%20Rev.%20July%202012%20(Fillable).pdf