A new school year is upon us, and while it looks different under a pandemic, schools are still required to make and honor IEPs for students. We have a few resources that may be helpful to you as you and your children embark on a new school year.

We hope you find these helpful! And remember – we are here if you need guidance or if your child’s IEP isn’t being respected, you can call us toll-free at 800-482-1174.

VIDEO: DRA Advocate Debbie New on what parents need to know as this school year gets underway.

PUBLICATIONS: DRA has published some very helpful resources for parents. The “Blue Book” (published in English and Spanish) is a reference guide for parents who wish to learn more about special education law. A Parent’s Guide to Special Education is our most popular resource, and can be very helpful to any parent of a child receiving special education services.

“Blue Book ” (English version)

“Blue Book” (Spanish version)

A Parent’s Guide to Special Education

Wishing everyone a safe and successful school year!