This is an amazing poem- we hope it gets much more exposure than we can give it here.  Thanks to Marty Archer for posting it on his Facebook page, where we saw it.

My Brother
He is five years old
His first few months were spent having seizures
In and out of hospitals
Not knowing what was going on
Too young to understand
My brother
Every time I heard those ambulance sirens
My heart stopped
One day he was diagnosed with epilepsy and autism
That was not easy to accept
My brother
He smiles non-stop
Finds humor in everything
Hates when I tickle him
But I still do
Climbs on me like I’m a jungle gym
And falls asleep on me like I’m a pillow
My brother
He has brought my family together
Taught us patience
And teamwork
And how to dance in the rain
My brother
He may not be able to speak but he has taught me more than anyone
Smile at a stranger and BOOM you made them smile
Hugs are the best
Forgiveness is important
Sleep is overrated
Crying is okay
Never lose faith
Music is powerful
Food is one of the best things in life
Love is all you need
Life is a gift
So enjoy it
My brother
Disabilities do not disable him from anything
He is amazing and perfect just the way he is
The older he gets
The more he will teach me about life
And he will always be
My brother