Today is #ArkansasGives, hosted by Arkansas Community Foundation and supported by Arkansas Nonprofit Alliance. Disability Rights Arkansas is participating in this very important campaign.

Your contribution through supports our mission to vigorously advocate for and enforce the legal rights of people with disabilities in Arkansas.

By making a gift  you will help DRA to continue our advocacy and allow us to serve more Arkansans with disabilities.

In 2016, DRA issued a follow-up report again highlighting the excessive use of restraint at a Human Development Center. This report called upon the state to develop a strategic plan to transform the institution to begin utilizing best practice philosophies in providing treatment, increased monitoring on the use of restraints, and ensure residents have access to active treatment. Your contribution through will allow us to continue our advocacy to ensure residents are receiving active person centered planning treatment.

As a result of our report, the state has begun to review the Centers and develop plans that will reduce the reliance on restraints and provide additional training for staff.

This is just one example of the work DRA has undertaken in 2016. These are difficult times and DRA needs your assistance to continue our advocacy. Your donation at will allow us to serve more people who are seeking assistance, whether it be services in the community, accommodations in the workplace, living in a safe environment or seeking supported employment – every dollar that is donated today will help further our mission.

Please don’t wait. The time to donate through is from 8 am to 8 pm today, April 7, 2016.

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Tom Masseau

Executive Director