There are a lot of organizations working to help veterans; how do you know if they are in good standing or not?  The Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs (ADVA) is the state agency that assists veterans in Arkansas.  ADVA and the Arkansas Attorney General’s office worked on a joint initiative to help veterans and their loved ones determine which organizations are in good standing with the state.  This initiative is called “ADVA Verified”, and it is designed to verify which nonprofits offering services to veterans within Arkansas are current with Arkansas filing requirements.  The programs that become ADVA verified will then be provided as resources by ADVA, through their website and other social media, ADVA brochures and any other avenues of outreach to veterans.  While nonprofit organizations who have not gone through the ADVA verification process will not be identified in ADVA outreach efforts, ADVA verification is a voluntary process and does not imply endorsement of the nonprofit by ADVA.  For more information about the ADVA verification process and ADVA services in general, visit: