This week, Social Security has mailed a notice to more than 347,625 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients (transition-aged youth) between the ages of 14 and 17 and their adult representatives to help them identify policies and other resources to assist youth in their transition to adulthood. These mailings include a letter introducing an annual informational publication, What You Need To Know About Your Supplemental Security Income (SSI) When You Turn 18 (Publication No. 05-11005). Caregivers should review it with the child, if possible.

This publication helps youth prepare for the transition from school to adult life. It provides information about SSI work incentives that primarily affect youth, as well as information about common programs, services and support that parents, guardians, and youth may find helpful. Specific programs covered include the Student Earned Income Exclusion, SSI Continued Payments (Section 301), vocational rehabilitation, and the Department of Education’s Parent Centers. Information on Medicaid, the importance of keeping health insurance, and having a primary care provider are also included.

The publication can be obtained from the agency’s publication website here in both English and Spanish versions.