Getting tested for COVID-19 is stressful enough without having to worry about how to communicate with people at the test site. That’s why Linguabee is offering free VRI services to Deaf people at remote test sites where an interpreter would otherwise be unavailable.  Please visit the Linguabee website for additional information and instructions:

Linguabee’s instructions for Deaf/Hard of Hearing users prior to arrival at testing site:

1.Contact our Care Team

Contact our care team using Live Chat, email, text or call 855-585-5859 and request for VRI services when you need to test for COVID-19.

Include the following information when you reach out to us:

  • Your full name
  • When you plan to get tested
  • Address of the testing site you plan to visit
  1. Download App

In the meantime, download the Whereby app for your mobile phone or tablet. If you are using the desktop, you will need the latest version of Chrome.

3.Test video connection

Our care team will be in touch with you and test the video connection to make sure everything is working. This ensure you are all set without additional stress at the testing site.


1. Is this offering extended to residents in all 50 states and 5 territories?

We are providing this service in ASL, anywhere. Just to be clear, it’s only for ASL. If a different sign language is needed, we will not be able to support this.

2. At what point does the offering of free VRI services cease after the COVID-19 test is administered? To clarify, if any follow up visits need occur, at what point does the free VRI service transition into paid service?

We will provide free service at the test site. If they are diagnosed with C19 and directed to a hospital or medical center, that facility is responsible for interpreting services themselves. If needed, we will work with the Deaf consumer as long as they provide contact info and we’ll reach out to the facility to let them know that a Deaf patient is coming and they should schedule for an interpreter with the agency they are working with.

3. Are there hours/days/limitations of this offer?

This is a 24/7 service, however, as you can guess, finding an interpreter at the last minute during the overnight hours may prove to be difficult.