The Board of Directors of Disability Rights Arkansas, Inc. (DRA) met on April 25, 2015, at the Crowne Plaza, Thomas Room, 201 S. Shackleford, Little Rock, Arkansas.


Members Present:                                                                                       Staff Present:

Cherokee Bradley, President                                                                         Tom Masseau

Traci Perrin                                                                                                     Greg Hankins

Kimberly Marshall                                                                                          Susan Milburn

Monica Pratt

Fred Reinheardt

Kim Weser

Veronica Tess Myers, PAIMI/AC Chair

Kaderick Jones

Mark George


Members Absent:

Lorrie Thiel

Toney Bailey

Teresa Dodson


President Cherokee Bradley called the meeting to order at 1:03 p.m.  She welcomed those present and Fred Reinheardt conducted the roll call.


President Bradley presented a consent agenda for the Board’s consideration.   The agenda included:

  •  Approval of Agenda
  •  1/28/15 Minutes
  •  2/2/15 Minutes
  •  2/5/15 Minutes
  •  3/31/15 Minutes
  •  Executive Director & DRA Staff reports

President Bradley recommended that the Executive Director report and the February 5, 2015 minutes be removed from the consent agenda voting process.   Tom Masseau had some more information to pass on to the board from his report and the 2/5/15 minutes needed to be change to reflect that Kaderick Jones was in attendance at that meeting.

Kim Weser moved that the remaining four consent agenda items be accepted.  Fred Reinheardt seconded and the motion passed.

Monica Pratt moved that the February 5, 2015, minutes be approved as amended.  Fred Reinheardt seconded and the motion passed.



Tom Masseau reported on activities regarding a new office space for DRA.  He is working with a realtor to help with finding a suitable location and had also formed a committee comprised of DRA staff to analyze the results.  One of the reasons for the move is the fact that RPM has never been responsive to the needs of DRA.

Mr. Masseau also discussed John Jones’ role as consultant with DRA.  Mr. Jones is the President of NARPA (National Association of Rights Protection and Advocacy) and worked with SAMSHA (PAIMI Program).  He will be the liaison between the PAIMI Advisory Council and the Community Mental Health Centers.  Mr. Jones will work one day a week for a monthly fee of $1000.  

Traci Perrin moved that the Executive Director report be accepted.  Mark George seconded and the motion passed.



Public comments were given during the retreat April 24, 2015, at the Crowne Plaza from 3:00 to 5:00 pm.



President asked the board for approval of the resignations of Mary Pearson and Jane Browning.  Kimberly Marshall moved that the board accept the resignations of Mary Pearson and Jane Browning.  Monica Pratt seconded and the motion passed.



Fred Reinheardt was nominated for Vice President and Kim Weser was nominated for Secretary.  President Bradley asked for other nominations from the board.  There were no other nominations.  

Traci Perrin moved that Fred Reinheardt be elected Vice President and Kim Weser be elected Secretary until elections are held at the September board meeting.  Kimberly Marshall seconded and the motion passed.



Greg Hankins reported that financially, DRA was healthy.  The agency was given 17 rep payee visits to conduct this year.  These visits produce non-federal revenue for DRA.  Mr. Hankins continued his report by going over the financials, which were also included in the board packets.

Kimberly Marshall brought up the need to revise the budget to be more in line with the actual expenses and Mr. Hankins agreed.

The subject of working with legal partners was brought up and Mr. Masseau said that DRA was, in fact, working with Legal Aid and was continually reaching out to other law firms.

Traci Perrin moved that the financial report be accepted.  Kim Weser seconded and the motion passed.



Tom Masseau reported that the Council voted to remove LaQuita Kulmaczewski as Co-Chair and a new Chair will be elected at the June meeting.   The Council is actively reaching out to Community Mental Health Centers and John Roberts is collecting statistics on this project.  They are trying to teach others in the community how to better self-advocate.



Monica Pratt said that the DD Council met on March 12, 2015.  The Council’s new Executive Director appointed by Governor Hutchinson is Eric Munson.  There were still a lot of issues the Council was dealing with.  They have six new grants to work with.



Fred Reinheardt reported on two new board applications that he had received.  Any new applicants will be interviewed by the Board Development Committee before consideration and a resume will be required of each applicant in the future.  

The July board meeting needed to be changed and there was some discussion about several possible dates in July.  Mr. Reinheardt moved that the July meeting be moved to July 29 at the DRA office in Little Rock.  Kim Weser seconded and the motion passed.

Mr. Reinheardt said he would send the updated Bylaws to all members before the July 29th meeting for their review before being voted on at the September meeting.



Kimberly Marshall was the only member of this committee.  Her main concern was in getting the RFP for a new auditor out soon.  

The next Audit Committee meeting was set for May 6th.  

Tom Masseau and Greg Hankins both mentioned that the bid for auditors should go out on DRA letterhead, so Mrs. Marshall said she would forward the RFP to Susan Milburn to put on letterhead.



Kaderick Jones agreed to reach out to Arkansas legislators on the bills highlighted in the board packets that were given out to all members.



Kim Weser moved that the meeting be adjourned at 2:25 p.m.  Fred Reinheardt seconded and the motion passed.