Meeting Minutes

December 5, 2015


Council members present: 


Bettina Brownstein, Brenda Martin, TaVonda Williams, Veronica Tess Myers, Elaine Williams, Pat Highley, Tina Light


DRC Staff:  Tom Masseau and John Jones


Chair Myers called the meeting to order at 10:00 am.




Eddie Smith


Approval of Meeting Minutes


Minutes from September 12, 2015 were approved – Motion by Elaine Williams; second by Pat Highley.  Motion was approved.


Staff Reports


The Executive Director and staff reports were mailed out in the PAIMI Advisory Council packet prior to the meeting.  Tom highlighted some activities within the reports related to the human development centers and juvenile justice issues.  The agency is moving to become more proactive in our advocacy.


The agency 4th quarter financials were reviewed.  Council members would like an overview from DRA Finance staff on the financial reports.  Tom will talk with staff to have someone attend the next meeting.


During the financial review, council members wanted to begin the process for developing the PAIMI Advisory Council beginning in FY 17.  Motion made by Tina Light, seconded by Veronica Tess Myers to begin drafting a PAIMI Advisory Council budget at the next scheduled meeting.  Motion approved.


PAIMI Advisory Council Election of Chair


Due to the recent resignation of our past Chair, the Council discussed the nomination process.  After discussion Veronica Tess Myers was nominated to serve a PAIMI Advisory Council Chair and Tina Light as Vice-Chair.  The nomination was unanimous and approved.  Tom will notify the DRA Board of Directors regarding Ms. Myers election to PAIMI Chair and the PAIMI representative on the DRA Board.


PAIMI Advisory Council Program Performance Report


Council members reviewed the PAIMI Program Performance Report provided by DRA Staff.  The council then began to complete the PAIMI Advisory Council Program Performance Report.


Topics and procedures for Guest Speakers


Council members discussed the process for guest speakers.  Tom suggested that request for guest speakers go through the Chair and DRA staff to coordinate the date and topic (who, what and why).


Membership Update


John Jones indicated that he has been recruiting members to serve on the Council.  Mr. Jones introduced Eddie Smith as a potential member.  Mr. Smith introduced himself and provided some background information.  Mr. Smith will follow-up with John Jones on Council involvement.


Member Reports


Council members provided a quick update on their activities.


Next meeting:


The next meeting will occur on March 5, 2016 at 10 am to 2 pm.


The meeting adjourned at 1:52 pm.