Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2015

Council members present: 

John Lee Roberts, Veronica Tess Myers, Bettina Brownstein, Pat Highley, Elaine Williams, TaVonda Williams,

Council members absent:

Brenda Martin, Cyndi Phillips, LaQuita Kulmaczewski; Lisa Hines; Kristen Ritchey, Tina Light

DRC Staff:  Tom Masseau and John Jones

Guest:  James Owen

Chair Roberts called the meeting to order at 10:00 am.

Approval of Meeting Minutes

Minutes from June 13, 2015 were approved – Motion by Bettina Brownstein; second by Elaine Williams.

Proposed PAIMI Priorities and Objectives for FY 2016

Tom discussed the proposed priorities and objectives for Disability Rights Arkansas in Fiscal Year 2016.

Council members discussed the various objectives and changes.  Council members suggested the following recommendations for the prison/jails objective:

  • Research groups working on jail diversion to begin forming relationship.
  • Use PAIMI rules & regulations to improve the systems.

Veronica Tess Myers moved to support the FY 16 Priorities and Objectives with the stated recommendation and second by Elaine Williams. Motion was passed.

Agency & Financial Update

 Tom provided an update on agency activity during the third quarter of the fiscal year.  The Executive Director report and Staff Reports were mailed prior to the meeting for PAIMI Council members review.  Tom highlighted the work currently being conducted in the juvenile justice system related to the lack of mental health services and the use of restraint and seclusion within the human development centers.

Tom also provided the 3nd quarter financial statements for the agency and the breakdown for the PAIMI program.

Guest Speaker

Mr. James Owen, Hendrix College student, discussed his research on access to mental health care across the state.   He specifically addressed the points of access, C.I.T. in each mental health community and the full of array of services.

Once his research is complete, he will provide the report to Tom.

Proposed revision of PAIMI Advisory Council Operating Policies and Procedures

John Lee Roberts is taking the lead on revising the operating procedures.  This item was tabled until the next council meeting.

Advisory Council Training:  Understanding the PAIMI PPR

John Jones presented a PowerPoint presentation on understanding the PAIMI Program Performance Report.  This is in preparation for the Council’s next meeting to begin writing the PAIMI Advisory Council Program Performance Report.

Council member reports

  • John Lee Roberts is working UALR Disability Resource Center – ER Triage.
  • Veronica Tess Myers is working on waiver issues and educating candidates on disability awareness.
  • Bettina Brownstein is continuing her involvement with the Arkansas Bar Association Task force on Criminal Justice. Bettina also visited the Conway Human Development Center.
  • TaVonda Williams has been working on consumer diversity.

 Discussion on PAIMI Council member’s attendance

 Council members expressed concern over the lack of attendance from members, despite being provided accommodations by the agency.

Bettina Brownstein moved to remove LaQuita Kulmaczewski; Cyndi Phillips, Kristen Ritchey, and Lisa Hines from the Council due to missing consecutive meetings.  Veronica Tess Myers seconded the motion.   The motion passed.

Next meeting:

The next meeting will take place in late November or early December to review the PAIMI Program Performance Report and write the PAIMI Advisory Council Program Performance Report.  A date will be sent to all council members.

The meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm.