The Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Security program (PABSS) is housed within Disability Rights Arkansas, which is an independent, private, nonprofit organization designated by the Governor of Arkansas to advocate for and protect the rights of people with disabilities in Arkansas.

What is PABSS?

PABSS is a program that can provide information and referral services about the various programs and agencies that assist people who are receiving Social Security benefits and wish to return to work.  PABSS also provides advocacy and sometimes even legal services to assist clients who encounter difficulties with transition services, vocational rehabilitation services, supported employment services and difficulties encountered in the workplace related to their disability.  Basically, PABSS can assist in some way with any difficulties an individual encounters that create a barrier in returning to work.

How Do I Know If I Qualify for PABSS Services?

  • Do you receive SSI or SSDI?
  • Would you like to return to work?
  • Are you concerned about work affecting your Social Security benefits?
  • Did you know that there are work incentives for people receiving Social Security benefits?
  • Did you know that PABSS is free for Social Security beneficiaries who wish to return to work?
  • Are you having problems at work related to your disability and need advocacy or legal services?


What Issues Can PABSS Staff Address?

PABSS advocates can assist with a variety of issues, when obtaining employment is the ultimate goal. Some of these areas include:

  • Employment Discrimination
  • School to Work Transition
  • Post-Secondary Education
  • Issues related to Vocational Rehabilitation services
  • Referral to Employment Networks
  • Information/Referral Services for Benefits Counseling
  • Work Accommodations
  • Assisting individuals with receiving competitive or supported employment services.


How Do I Contact a PABBS Advocate?

If you are in need of advocacy services, or possibly legal assistance regarding employment issues, please contact our office at 1-800-482-1174 V/TTY or email us at: