Are you not sure whether you are registered to vote?  Do you know you are registered, but you’re not sure which city or school district ward you live in?  Or which district you are in to vote for state representatives?  There is a handy link available on the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office website where you can check on all of these.  Simply type in your name and enter your date of birth, and if you are registered, it will tell you which district you reside in for: State Senate, State Representative, Judicial District, School District, City Ward, and Justice of the Peace. It will also tell you your polling place location, although it apparently doesn’t provide this information when there are no elections imminent (as of today, this category states “no upcoming elections”).  There is also a button you can click on to check the status of an absentee ballot.

To access these tools, click here:

Once you know which districts you reside in, you can use the the following link to find your State Senator and State Representative: