Feb 28 UPDATE SB161 is now Act 236.  To see the Bill/now Act, go to: http://www.arkleg.state.ar.us/assembly/2019/2019R/Acts/Act236.pdf

Feb 21 UPDATE SB161, which seeks to remove the word “disabled” from license plates issued to Arkansans with disabilities, passed the House of Representatives today, where it was sponsored by Representative Megan Godfrey.  The bill was introduced in the Senate by Senator Greg Leding.

Feb 12 UPDATE from Senator Leding:  Cleared my first bill through the Senate as a senator today. SB161 removes the word “disabled” from license plates issued to Arkansans with disabilities. Ours is one of a very few states that still use the word on such plates.

It’s a minor change that means a lot to a lot of people.

The measure now heads to the House where Representative Megan Godfrey (D-Springdale) will carry the bill as the lead sponsor in that chamber.

DRA: We couldn’t agree more.  Thanks, Senator Leding!

Original article:

Disability Rights Arkansas Executive Director Tom Masseau today expressed his appreciation for the work of Senator Greg Leding in introducing a bill in the Arkansas Senate that will remove the word “disabled” from license plates that designate an individual’s right to use an accessible parking space.  “The universal symbol for accessibility is sufficiently prominent on the license plate without the use of the word ‘disabled'”, Mr. Masseau explained.  The bill, SB Bill 161, is sponsored by Representative Megan Godfrey in the Arkansas House of Representatives; DRA appreciates Representative Godfrey’s efforts on behalf of this legislation as well.  The bill is now assigned to the Senate Public Transportation committee, and DRA will be tracking its progress in the legislative digest available on DRA’s website home page.

To view the bill:

Download (PDF, 222KB)