Are you new to Medicare?  Trying to navigate this comprehensive health system?  It is daunting for anyone; there is so much information, and so many changes to keep up with.  And that’s not to mention the scams out there.  How do you know what is covered and what is not?  How do you know when to give someone information, and what information should you give them?  How can you find out if something is a scam?

You are not alone, and there is a program to help you.  The Senior Health Insurance Information Program, or SHIIP, is a part of the Arkansas Insurance Department, so this is a program housed within a state regulatory agency.  What’s more, the Arkansas Insurance Department has a consumer affairs department, which can answer questions as well as handle complaints involving insurance, all free of charge.  Their SHIIP program is tasked with providing “counseling, education, and information to individuals with Medicare of all ages”, again totally free of charge.

If you have questions or concerns about insurance in general, contact Arkansas Insurance Department.

If you have questions or concerns about Medicare, contact SHIIP.