Disability Rights Arkansas


Vigorously advocate and enforce the legal rights of people with disabilities in Arkansas.


Disability Rights Arkansas has a vision that people with disabilities are equal members in their communities where they are accepted and live free of stigma and where they dictate the course of their own lives through self-determination.


Advocacy services provided by DRA are client focused. The client is the person with a disability for whom DRA provides services and DRA takes direction from the client.

People with disabilities are treated with dignity, respect and compassion regardless of their disability.

DRA Board of Directors, PAIMI Advisory Council and staff members are held accountable ensuring that the agency mission and vision are adhered to.

DRA expects all services to be provided with integrity and equality



Goal #1:

People with disabilities will have access to inclusive services where they live and work.

  • Arkansas will transition services to a quality community-based model statewide.
  • People with disabilities will have opportunities for meaningful employment with competitive wages and accommodations.
  • DRA will continue to build relationships with state and other partners to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.


Goal #2:

DRA will actively engage in legislative advocacy to promote laws and policies that advance the independence and equality of people with disabilities in Arkansas and across the country.

  • DRA will actively educate state legislators and policy makers on issues of disability rights in Arkansas


Goal #3:

DRA will raise its visibility across the state.

  • DRA will be the leader of disability rights in the state.
  • DRA will foster public dialogue and knowledge around issues of disability to create positive change.


Goal #4:

DRA will proactively seek to advance disability rights through broad coalition building.

  • DRA will build alliances with non-traditional organizational partners to promote disability rights issues.


Goal #5:

DRA will diversify funding streams to ensure financial stability to further the mission.

  • DRA Board members will actively engage in increasing revenues.
  • DRA will maintain systems and controls to insure the security of its assets and that funds are spent in accordance with donor intent.


Goal #6:

DRA will have a Board that is active, diverse and committed to the mission, vision, and values of the organization.

  • DRA will engage with all areas of Arkansas through its activities and membership.
  • DRA will seek to achieve excellence through continuous professional development.


Goal #7:

DRA will vigorously pursue legal, administrative and other appropriate remedies or approaches to ensure the protection of and advocacy for the rights of people with disabilities.

  • DRA will utilize its access authority to investigate instances of abuse or neglect as they arise.
  • DRA will monitor systems, facilities, and programs to ensure people with disabilities are free from abuse, neglect, exploitation, and coercion.
  • DRA will provide tools and resources to people who seek to advocate on their own behalf.