What are Parent Training and Information Centers (PTI’s)?   They are entities whose primary goal is to help families of children with disabilities obtain an appropriate education and services for those children from birth to age 22. Each state is provided funds through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)  to have at least one PTI,  and the Centers can provide parents with:

  1. Information about their rights under IDEA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act,
  2. Finding resources such as support groups, legal assistance and educational specialists,
  3. Information about specific disabilities and issues.

They can also help resolve problems between families and schools or other agencies.  In Arkansas, the PTI is housed at The Center for Exceptional Children in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  While headquartered in Jonesboro, The Center for Exceptional Children offers services statewide, and is divided into six regions (see their map with the staff listings for each regions here:  http://www.thecenterforexceptionalfamilies.org/regional-map/).

For more information about The Center for Exceptional Children, call toll-free 1.888.360.9654 or visit their website at:  http://www.thecenterforexceptionalfamilies.org/