A memo from Ruth E. Ryder, Acting Director Office of Special Education Programs, to State Directors of Special Education, Preschool/619 State Coordinators, and Head Start Directors addresses a concern that “some local educational agencies (LEAs) may be using Response to Intervention (RTI) strategies to delay or deny a timely initial evaluation for preschool children suspected of having a disability.”   The memo states that it “is critical that this identification occurs in a timely manner and that no procedures or practices result in delaying or denying this identification.”  The almost three-page memo cites from the Code of Federal Regulations in reviewing the duties of the local education agencies (LEAs), particularly in light of the RTI process, and requests the state directors “examine the procedures and practices in your State and LEAs to ensure that the use of RTI is not delaying or denying timely initial evaluations to preschool children suspected of having a disability.”

To read the memo in its entirety, click here:  http://www2.ed.gov/policy/speced/guid/idea/memosdcltrs/oseprtipreschoolmemo4-29-16.pdf