Unfulfilled Promises:  The Reality of FINS in Arkansas offers policymakers, advocates, courts, and stakeholders the tools needed to provide meaningful changes to a system that is in need of substantial reform.  The report provides a comprehensive, systemic analysis of the benefits and faults of FINS, and supports the problems DRA has encountered in our individual-level experience of working with parents and students involved in FINS proceedings.  FINS have a disproportionate impact upon rural Arkansans, poor Arkansans, and Arkansans with disabilities, and reforms are crucial to maximizing the benefits and reducing the risks of this impact.

Disability Rights Arkansas is hopeful this report will initiate an informed discussion among policymakers and stakeholders that will lead to reforms that benefit all Arkansans and especially children with disabilities.  DRA is looking forward to continuing to be part of that discussion.


Unfulfilled Promises: The Reality of FINS in Arkansas