The U. S. Department of Justice has created an ADA Checklist for Polling Places so that anyone using this tool can determine if a polling site meets accessibility standards.  The checklist not only provides the standards, it also provides solutions to some of the problems that might be encountered.

While this checklist is quite technical, one way to use it would be to reference it if you encounter what might be an accessibility issue at a polling site so that you can confirm whether or not there is a violation.  For instance, if you suspect a ramp is too steep, you can find the specifications for ramps in the checklist and then check the ramp to see if it meets specifications.  If you confirm a violation, you can check the suggested solutions provided by the checklist and use them if you choose to address the violation with someone at the polling site.

If you see a violation but do not feel comfortable addressing it yourself, you can report it to us or to the Secretary of State’s office. To report to the Secretary of State’s office, call 501-682-5070 (toll free at 1-800-482-1127) or e-mail at

To access the checklist, click here:  ADA Voting Checklist